Question: What Is Full Form Of LR?

What is the full form of LR in transportation?

Hi, You know vehicle number which shows vehicle own with a number.

LR number represents a receipt which is known as Lorry Receipt (LR) or Goods Receipt(GR) in case of goods transport by road which is handed over to a transporting agency or carrier..

What is LR in medicine?

Lactated Ringer’s solution, or LR, is an intravenous (IV) fluid you may receive if you’re dehydrated, having surgery, or receiving IV medications. It’s also sometimes called Ringer’s lactate or sodium lactate solution. There are several reasons why you may receive this IV fluid if you need medical care.

What is LR in finance?

A leverage ratio is any one of several financial measurements that look at how much capital comes in the form of debt (loans) or assesses the ability of a company to meet its financial obligations. … Banks have regulatory oversight on the level of leverage they are can hold.

How do I find my LR number?

VRL TrackingGo to the official website, your consignment number in the form located on the top and click on the Track button.All the details regarding your courier or shipment will be displayed through it’s ‘Track and Trace’ tool.More items…

What is the full form of LR in college?

LR stands for Ladies Representative (colleges of India)

What is LR in business?

LR. Lorry Receipt. showing only Business & Finance definitions (show all 78 definitions)

What does LR mean in a text message?

Left to RightLeft to Right. Left to Right is used in Slang. The word L-R is used in Slang meaning Left to Right.

Which is higher lieutenant or commander?

Lieutenant commander (also hyphenated lieutenant-commander and abbreviated Lt Cdr, LtCdr. or LCDR) is a commissioned officer rank in many navies. The rank is superior to a lieutenant and subordinate to a commander.

What is the rank of Lt Commander?

Lieutenant commander (LCDR) is a mid-ranking officer rank in the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard, the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps (NOAA Corps), with the pay grade of O-4 and NATO rank code OF …

What is GR number?

Grading. Policies regarding marks of “GR” differ by division at Penn. A mark of “GR” indicates that no grade was reported on the grade sheet for that individual student.

What does LR mean in ranks?

Low RankLR stands for Low Rank This definition appears very rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

What does LR mean on social media?

Technology, IT etc (27) LR — La Resistance. LR — Lay Report. LR — Lovely Rita. LR — Low Rider.

What is a Bilty?

“Bilti” is another name for the Lorry Receipt in Hindi. The packers and movers or any logistics company providing services of good transportation from one location to another by road issues a consignment note or receipt known as “Bi;yi”.

What does LR stand for?

AcronymDefinitionLRLiving RoomLRLower RightLRLeft RearLRLong Rifle73 more rows

What is mean by LR copy?

Lorry ReceiptLR Stands for Lorry Receipt also called “Bilti” in Hindi. This receipt is either in 3 copies or 5 copies i.e. Consignee copy, Driver Copy, Consigner Copy and File Copy. This receipt is made by the Transporter once the material is loaded on the vehicle for Delivery.