Question: What Is RRNO?

What is the meaning of RR number?

Revenue Register numberRR number is Revenue Register number.

It is the unique alphanumeric number allotted by BESCOM for each meter for identification purposes..

How do I know my bescom subdivision?

Bangalore One Services HelpEnter Mobile Number of the Consumer. … future.Select the Sub-Division from the list. … Enter the RR number in the ‘RR No’ field. … Click Search Button to retrieve the details from the BESCOM department database.More items…

What is RR in finance?

A registered representative (RR) is a person who works for a brokerage company and serves as a representative for clients trading investment products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Registered representatives are also known as brokers.

How do I find my mescom ID?

Account number of your account can be obtained from your electricity bill itself and no need to approach MESCOM office for obtaining the same. Confirm your details against your account details before payment.

How can I get my bescom bill details online?

Bill payment through BESCOM app:Like any other application, BESCOM app is also available online.You have to visit google play store and download this app for future processes.After you have downloaded, to log in you have to enter the Account ID and select on “Get Bill Details”More items…•Nov 4, 2020

What is R&R in project management?

Role and Responsibility (R&R) is a matrix chart identifying functional areas and relationships between the contract Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements and the functions (control account) or people (members) in the organisations assigned responsibility for ensuring their accomplishment in order to deliver a …

What does RR mean in construction?

RR in Construction3RRRailroad Architecture, Genealogy, Politics3RRRest Room Architectural, Technology, Architecture2RRRubber Ring Architectural, Technology, Architecture2RRRumpus Room Architectural, Technology, Architecture

What is RNR in company?

Home | Rnr Activities. R&R stands for Reward and Recognition (human resources) This definition appears frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government. Business, finance.

How do I complain about a power cut in my area?

The telephone number 1912 is specifically allotted to Electricity Call Centers for handling power supply related complaints. The customer complaints are registered and forwarded to the field personnel for timely action and rectification.

Who is the head of bescom?

Board of DirectorsSl. NoName of the DirectorE-mail IDBoard of Directors1.Sri. Kapil Mohan, IAS, N. Manjula, IAS, Director,md@kptcl.com3.Sri. M.B.Rajeshgowda. IAS, Director, more rows•Mar 17, 2021

How can I check my bescom bill?

Here is how you can do it.Open the MobiKwik website or app.Go to the ‘Recharge and Bills Payments’ Section.Click on Electricity and enter information like your operator and account details.You will be able to see the status of the BESCOM bill payment.

What is RR in bank?

RR stands for Revenue Receipts.

What is Paytm RR number?

We get a reference number (ARN/RRN) from the bank which we immediately inform the customer. This number signifies that bank has acknowledged the refund. Issuing Bank (Bank which has issued you the card) can take up to 7 days to reflect that money back into your account.

What does double RR mean?

unattractive, ugly femalea woman with disgustingly big hips wearing bell bottom pants. This resembles two Rs standing back to back. Those pants make you look like a double R. See more words with the same meaning: unattractive, ugly female.

What is ASD amount?

What is the Additional security deposit (ASD)? At any point in time, the security deposit that BESCOM needs to have from a consumer is equal to 2 months billing. For instance if the average bill amount corresponding for 2 months is Rs 1,500, where monthly billing is approx.

How do I raise my bescom complaint?

Feel free to call at BESCOM customer care number– 080 22873333. You can call on this number to raise your complaint regarding the electricity or resolve your queries regarding the electricity bill payment or others.

How do I find my RR number?

RR number can be found easily on your meter board. So, simply check your meter board and get there. So, my personal suggestion will be to look into your meter board for RR number. For customer ID or account ID, referring to your old bill is the best option.

How can I add RR number in Paytm?

How To Make BWSSB Online Payment On PaytmGo to BWSSB bill payment page on Paytm.Enter your Consumer Number/RR No.Click on ‘Proceed’Enter your bill amount and proceed with the payment.You can make your bill payment with a Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Paytm Wallet, or UPI (UPI is only available with Paytm App)More items…

What is MSF rate in banking?

The MSF or Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) Rate is the rate at which RBI lends funds overnight to scheduled banks, against government securities. RBI has introduced this borrowing scheme to regulate short-term asset liability mismatch in a more effective manner.

Can I download old bescom bills?

You can download duplicate BESCOM duplicate bill here and make payment online. This will help consumers who have missed hard copy Bill and can make payment of bills online to avoid disconnection of service.