Quick Answer: What Is LR Full Form?

What are the challenges in accessing the LR portals?

You may have difficulty in logging in to the LR portal because of slow internet connection.

The LR Portal landing page requires at least 1.7 MB of resources to load….LRMDS GingoogYou are not registered.You did not activate your account.You forgot your password.You are experiencing slow internet connection.Aug 23, 2019.

How do I get an LR number?

Print LR-RR Number and Motor Vehicle NumberGo to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales .Select the party ledger and enter the LR-RR No. and Motor Vehicle No. in the Despatch Details of the Party Details screen.Enter the invoice details, and click P : Print .

What is LR grade?

GR: Guaranteed reagent. AR: Analytical reagent. CP: Chemical pure. LR: Laboratory reagent. The purity is different.

What is GR grade?

The abbreviation “A.C.S.,” means the chemical meets the specifications of the American Chemical Society. A Certificate of Analysis is available upon request. • Guaranteed Reagent (GR) – Suitable for use in analytical chemistry, products meet or exceed American Chemical Society (ACS) requirements.

What is CP grade?

CP (Chemically Pure) Grade—Products of purity suitable for use in general applications. FCC Grade—Products that meet the requirements of the current Food Chemical Codex. GenAR—A line of reagents specifically developed for use in biotechnology and genetic research.

What is GR number?

Grading. Policies regarding marks of “GR” differ by division at Penn. A mark of “GR” indicates that no grade was reported on the grade sheet for that individual student.

What is LR in business?

LR. Lorry Receipt. showing only Business & Finance definitions (show all 78 definitions)

What’s a CI?

An informant (also called an informer) is a person who provides privileged information about a person or organization to an agency. The term is usually used within the law enforcement world, where they are officially known as confidential human source (CHS), or criminal informants (CI).

What is LR copy?

LR Stands for Lorry Receipt also called “Bilti” in Hindi. This receipt is either in 3 copies or 5 copies i.e. Consignee copy, Driver Copy, Consigner Copy and File Copy. This receipt is made by the Transporter once the material is loaded on the vehicle for Delivery.

What is the importance of LR portal?

What is LR Portal? The Learning Resources Management and Development System (LRMDS) is designed to support increased distribution and access to learning, teaching and professional development resources at the Region, Division and School/Cluster levels of DepED.

What does CI mean in school?

Curriculum and Instruction (CI)

What is a training portal?

A learning portal is a gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate teaching and learning. Technically speaking, it’s a website that acts as a repository for teaching and learning materials. It’s a place where you store all your documents, podcasts, videos, presentations, and so on.

How can the two DepEd portals respond to your LR needs?

Answer: Given the LDM adopted in my School, the two DepEd portals can respond to my LR needs and those of my learners by providing as different learning resources that we can use to continue the study of the pupils at home.

What is LR in medicine?

Lactated Ringer’s solution, or LR, is an intravenous (IV) fluid you may receive if you’re dehydrated, having surgery, or receiving IV medications. It’s also sometimes called Ringer’s lactate or sodium lactate solution. There are several reasons why you may receive this IV fluid if you need medical care.

What is LR education?

Designated Learning Resource (LR) Focal Persons for Secondary Schools (role description are as follows): … -Involve with the planning, coordinating and controlling the reproduction of learning materials in every learning area across the grade level.

What is LR and GR?

LR number represents a receipt which is known as Lorry Receipt (LR) or Goods Receipt(GR) in case of goods transport by road which is handed over to a transporting agency or carrier.

What is LR in finance?

A leverage ratio is any one of several financial measurements that look at how much capital comes in the form of debt (loans) or assesses the ability of a company to meet its financial obligations. … Banks have regulatory oversight on the level of leverage they are can hold.

What does LR mean on social media?

Technology, IT etc (27) LR — La Resistance. LR — Lay Report. LR — Lovely Rita. LR — Low Rider.

How do I find my LR number?

VRL TrackingGo to the official website, vrlgroup.in.Enter your consignment number in the form located on the top and click on the Track button.All the details regarding your courier or shipment will be displayed through it’s ‘Track and Trace’ tool.More items…

What LR means?

AcronymDefinitionLRLiving RoomLRLower RightLRLeft RearLRLong Rifle73 more rows

How do you use LR portal?

Follow the steps below to retrieve your old LR portal account:Register to lrmds.deped.gov.ph. … Confirm registration by clicking on link sent to your e-mail.After a successful registration, login to lrmds.deped.gov.ph.You shall be directed to a page with an activation button.