What Is Gr An Abbreviation For?

Is GR a word?

No, gr is not in the scrabble dictionary..

What is the meaning of GR in class?

returned withoutA mark of “GR” indicates that no grade was reported on the grade sheet for that individual student. … A mark of “GR”, however, means that the grade sheet was returned without a grade for the student in question.

What is mb an abbreviation for?

MegabyteAcronymDefinitionMBMegabyteMBMaster BedroomMBMegabitMBMedia Bureau (Federal Communications Commission)128 more rows

What does MB mean in numbers?

MegaByteMillion bytes. In computing and storage systems, a MB (MegaByte) is actually 1,048,576 (2 20 ) bytes, since the measurement is based on a base 2, or binary, number system. The term MB comes from the fact that 1,048,576 is nominally, or approximately, 1,000,000. See also byte and M. 25.

Is the 2020 Supra Twin Turbo?

This iconic sports car comes complete with a 3.0L twin-scroll single turbo, DOHC 24-valve inline six-cylinder engine that is standard across all of its trim levels. …

What is a Gazoo mean?

Today, “GAZOO” refers to the word “Garage”, a very intimate place where people work together to improve the smallest details, with the aim of delivering ever-better cars and services for each customer, in each garage. … Its name, “GAZOO”, was derived from the Japanese word “gazo” which means image or photo.

What does Gr mean in English?

AcronymDefinitionGRGoods ReceiptGRGrossGRGrainGRGrand Rapids (Michigan, USA)100 more rows

What country does gr stand for?

gr is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Greece.

What does gr stand for Supra?

GAZOO Racing is Toyota’s global racing division, in which we indulge our passion for motorsport. Every vehicle with the GAZOO Racing (GR) badge has been thoroughly tested, honed and perfected through extensive testing at the Nürburgring and racetracks across the globe.

What does MB mean in a text?

My BadMy Bad. The abbreviation MB is widely used in text messaging and on social media with the meaning “My Bad.” In this context, MB is a slang term, used as an admission on the part of the sender that they have made a mistake.

What is the full meaning of GB?

GigabyteGigabit (Gb), a unit of information used, for example, to quantify computer memory or storage capacity. Gigabyte (GB), a unit of information used, for example, to quantify computer memory or storage capacity.

How much is a 2020 GR Supra?

With a starting MSRP just under $50,000, prices for a new Supra are on the low end for a luxury sports car. There are three trims available for 2020, and prices range from $49,990 to $55,250.